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  • MaterialSS400(300)/STS304


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

▶ Summary   

   Our spiral is dry method not using concrete. 

   It is possible to work on the soft ground without excavating work and  removal og surplus soil.

   Constructing dulation and cost cab be reduced due to dry method with  all-weather work.

   It also contributes to the vitalization of construction business for winter time

▶ Features

1. Cost Reduction  

     It is possible to reduce cost in case of on the soft ground or having difficult construction condition.   

  2. Reduction of Construction Duration   

     Cutting down labor cost and construction dulation  are reduced due to no need of  curing after work

 3. Unnecessary of Concrete  

      It is eco-frindly construction method not using concrete

4. Unnecessary of Disposal of Surplus Soil  

     Disposal of surplus soil is not required due to not using excavating work  

5. Possible to Reusing  

      It is possible to install the other place or demolish because  it can be pull out by back lashing easily 

6. Optimal the Soft Ground   

     Bearing capacity is increased on the soft ground to vertical direction and it can makes  foundation  on the difficult place  not possible with existing methode 

7. Non-Vibration Work   

     According to hydraulic auger and circulation press-in, non-vibration, anti-noise work is possible and makes construction condition simple.  

8. Action to Underground Utilities   

    Design avoiding underground utilities and eccentric structure makes the work obstruction over.

9. Action to All Construction Condition   

     Narrow construction place including not possible, noise, non-vibration soft ground,  out of transporation  (only allowed manual carriage)

10. All-weather construction  

▶ Mechanism  

 When the force of vertical direction added to spiral pile which is driven on the ground, resistant power to the point power and internal pressure occurs to up and down, which the bearing capacity is increasing.

 Spiral pile supports press-in load and has the equal pull out strength.

 Spiral pile can be applied to both sides of the reason for its distinctive shape.

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